Sunny Subramanian

PETA employee, model, beauty blogger and internet personality.

SS: What made you go vegan and why?

Sunny: I went vegan cold tofurky in 2000 after seeing some PETA undercover factory farming videos in a philosophy class in college. There was no way after watching those videos that I could knowingly continue to contribute to the torture and murder of innocent, sentient beings.

SS: Has it been difficult for you? If yes, what was difficult and did it get easier?

Sunny: When I first went vegan, I was pretty clueless as to what to eat. I stuck to steamed veggies, salads and fruit... I didn't even know that most bread was vegan. Needless to say, as time went on it got easier and easier. Nowawadys veganism is so beyond easy, that there's no excuse for people to not to at least give it a try. There's a vegan version of literally everything: from meat, dairy, and eggs... even fun snackie treats like vegan jello (from Trader Joe's), vegan marshmallows (like Sweet & Sara and Dandies) and vegan funyuns (also available at Trader Joe's).

SS: What would you say to encourage someone who is considering becoming vegan?

Sunny: I would recommend some starter books like Skinny Bitch and Vegan Planet, refer them to for restaurant recommendations, and I'd write down a list of vegan kitchen essentials like tofu, tempeh, seitan, brown rice, quinoa, almond milk, Earth Balance margarine, Vegenaise, etc. Ooo, I'm making myself hungry! :P

SS: What are some animal rights related things you participate in?

Sunny: I work for PETA full-time, and I've participated in protests and action alerts for as long as I can remember. I'm also a member of the LA-based singing/performing group, The Vegan Vixens--we educate and inspire people to go vegan through our eco-friendly music. I also have a cruelty-free beauty blog called Vegan Beauty Review ( I try to pimp out veganism as much as possible. ;)

SS: What are your favorite AR organizations?

Sunny: Tee-hee, I may be a little biased but PETA is my fave (they're the reason I initially went veg, and now I'm honored to work for them as the peta2 blog coordinator). ♥ I have mad respect for any organization that's dedicated to animal rights, though, and I highly recommend checking them all out.

SS: Do you have any memories that stand out in your mind about someone saving an animal? Or relating to an animal in a unique way?

Sunny: I'm going to use this time to brag about ma amazin' kittehs.They are all rescues: Towane, Linky (her legal name is Spirulina), Kaduki and Conan (she's a girl). They are the most unbelievably fluffy, lovable, snuggly-wuggley, purrrr-fect stinkertons. I love them with all my heart, and I dedicate my veganism to them and all the kitties I've been lucky enough to have throughout my life.

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