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It's a big scary meat eating world out there. Always nice to meet fellow vegans, that's why I'm here. If I happen to find a nice like minded man all the better. I began my vegetarian life two years ago and went vegan 10 mos ago. Best thing I've ever done. Had I known what I know now........would've changed my life years ago.
All types as long as screaming isn't involved :)
Not alot of reading lately. But I do like biographys. I like to read about people and what they've done, what they've seen and where they've been. Been reading alot about farmed animals, the industries, the farm sanctuaries and the wonderful people involved.
The more I'm learning the more my diet is changing. For the most part I stay away from processed food now as well.
Administration (boring but pays the bills with nice benes)
Life :)
Animals and raising awareness to the plight of not only farmed animals but all sentient beings.
Anything outdoors. Taking hikes, biking, or just walks in the mountains are my favorite activities. I do want to try kyaking, but not in the open ocean. I would like to find a good workout partner to help motivate and also to just have fun with.
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That someone you just click with. A nice fun loving mature man living the vegan lifestyle.