Lots to report! First off hopefully you have noticed the changes with the site: we now have a search function and a little more utility with user profiles. Fill out more about yourself when you get the chance to edit your profile. Also we now have a private message function instead of a contact form that forwarded messages to your email. The next round of changes will involve the classified section and a "wall" like functionality. Besides that we shot a few new models including Steve-O!! He is awesome. Read about him in the vGuys section! We are off to the National Animal Rights Conference very soon, wish us luck. Oh! Almost forgot! Check out the necklaces, they are now for sale in the shop and our first costumers get 10% off :)

Thanks to everyone who just signed up. If you stick with us for a while, you'll start to see much more functionality integration within this site. We are going to focus on allowing users to flush out their profiles and each have multiple kinds of ways to be viewed. For example, if you should choose to participate in online dating, you will be capable of creating a profile specifically for that purpose and others that are viewing you in that context can see your personal. In contrast, should you choose to do a business profile with your resume and work experience etc., potential employers can choose to see that portion of your profile. We are determined to make this site extremely useful, but we are still learning how to implement everything we want to do. So thanks again for your patience and please feel free to email us with suggestions through the contact form.

We are making progress with the necklaces and are accepting preorders, however the products are not actually going to be ready to ship out until April. Thanks for being patient!

Our site is about to go live! Thanks for checking us out :)
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