Speak your mind and act your deeds as if the nobility of your character depended on it; because it does.

Being an atheist and an animal activist are not mutually exclusive, as a matter of fact an atheist is a person who acts without delusions, and takes responsibility for his moral choices. This should inevitably lead the atheist to veganism and animal activism.

What I say is this : if you define a good person as someone who does not cause slavery, exploitation, torture or unnecessary suffering then if you consider yourself a good person, in essence you are all vegan. If you are not a hypocrite then you become vegan. A lie that is preferable to the truth is still a lie.

Animals rights exist for humans to control other humans from behaving inhumanely. All our ethics are inherited through thousands of years of evolution, we choose to be guided by them everytime we make a choice of clothing, food, or resources and materials, Whenever the choice is available to us and we are free to make it we should , if we consider ourselves compassionate kind people, choose to do the least possible harm in the circumstances. Our reason helps us define and redefine what that is based on the golden rule. Nothing is written in a manual, its up to us and we are here to talk about it and decide what our best choices are.

Be proud to be uncertain, absolute convictions are symptoms of an intellect that has given up.