Gorillas Don't Eat Steak

Is it not funny that the largest, strongest animals on this planet do not eat other animals? Many of them, including elephants, gorillas, and hippos, build up there bulk and strength through diets consisting primarily of leaves and plant parts. So why is it that certain humans, who chose to eat nothing but plants and plant parts, are fit into categories such as ‘weaklings’, ‘sickly’, or ‘feeble’? Is it because a meat rich diet is indoctrinated into our society? Is it because some of the most commercially accepted protein rich foods are animal parts?

the new vegan

Well first of all let me say thank you for the invite to this amazing site. THis is a beautiful thing. It take s about 2 minutes of looking around here to see that the days of the hippie with the sprout jar are gone. There are some extrememly good looking people on this site,who are healthy ,athletic examples of what it means to be vegan. A plant based diet does not mean what it used to.Thank goodness. I look forward to the evolution of this site. I call myself the PLANT POWERED MACHINE,but there are some amazing "machines on here...cheers!! to the VgirlsVguys websie!!

Happy to be here

Hello and good day to anyone who is reading this. My name is Luis Medrano a.k.a. FruitnGreensguy. I am glad I found this website. It serves as an inspiration to me. Seeing these beautiful females and males, knowing they are vegan and passionate about health, fitness and spreading that message to the world. Thank you to all that do this work. Your beauty and compassion amazes me. Thanks for the inspiration!

-Luis Medrano

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Fat Sick and Nearly dead...

Not a lot of people who know me now knew me when I was in my early 30's. 38" waist, about 230 lbs, overweight, tired all the time, and spending about $150 bucks a month in medicine. I just didn't like myself. Hated it when people took photographs of myself, certainly didn't like shopping for clothes.

What a difference dietary change makes. Energy to run marathons. Looking far better.. in clothes and out.