feeling OK with our choices

Recently, I boycotted watching a TED Talk about China's workers. It was about workers in Iphone factories, and how they are feeling good about what they are doing, so we should feel good about buying their wares.

Honestly, it's not such a big deal to boycott an internet video. And its really not speaking to my credibility, that I haven't seen the subject matter... but I didn't watch it because it had so many positive reviews! Usually, that means something stinks!

Where are the runners?

Hey everybody!

Are there any Southern California runners on here? I know there are quite a few vegan/vegetarian runners in the area. It would be awesome to use this site as another tool to organize running events or carpools to races. I'm going to races all the time and would love to meet more veg athletes who are doing the same.

My next race is the Bulldog 50k in Malibu Creek State Park, on August 25. And I'll probably be running a few 5/10Ks before then.

What do you have planned?



Im a hardcore animal lover who believes that truth is more important than how we feel about it! I own an outdoor boot camp and love it. My blog is, and going GUMSABA means to do everything at your best. My best is knowing that for the past 13 years I have been harming other animals as little as possible by being vegan. don't get me wrong, if i see a mosquito sucking my blood its dead, and fast! But there is no leather or meat, or dairy in my life.

oh my...

So, I stumbled across this website, and loving it!! and through exploring the pages a bit, I came across the youtube video, from farm to fridge, this was my first time seeing it. I could not stop crying, i couldnt even look at it, I felt sick to my stomach!!! I've only ever read books, and literature about slaughter farms, and the cruelty animals face, that was enough to say you know what I'm vegan and thats all there is to it...but to see it in footage on video, really sets my vegan bone on over drive!

Greats to all!


first of all I'd like to thank Melissa and her companions for building a project like this. I find it very inspirational and have the best wishes for it (and all of you). I'd also like to greet the veg community, because you give me lots of hope... ;)

Now to introduce myself a little bit.
I'm Alex, born in 89', currently residing in Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, Europe.
I've been vegan for about a year now, before that I was vegetarian for about 3-4 years. My reasons for becomnig veg were many, and mostly all of them made sense to me (and they stil do).

Being vegan in Kazakhstan.

Hi everyone!
A bit about myself: I am in my early twenties, teacher in Language center (English), love all outdoor sports and having green smoothies :)
I used to think that it would be impossible to be vegan in KZ. Most people here are quite close minded and the culture is very much corpses-crunching. But I tried and I could! I was alone for first 2 years, but now know few vegetarians here in Astana (city where I'm living now), and few of my friends are looking into stopping consuming animal products too.

Speak your mind and act your deeds as if the nobility of your character depended on it; because it does.

Being an atheist and an animal activist are not mutually exclusive, as a matter of fact an atheist is a person who acts without delusions, and takes responsibility for his moral choices. This should inevitably lead the atheist to veganism and animal activism.

What I say is this : if you define a good person as someone who does not cause slavery, exploitation, torture or unnecessary suffering then if you consider yourself a good person, in essence you are all vegan. If you are not a hypocrite then you become vegan. A lie that is preferable to the truth is still a lie.