vGirls|vGuys is a multimedia project promoting veganism by exposing vegan beauty, strength and diversity.

Veganism is healthier for the animals, for the planet and for you. It isn't only a diet - it is a lifestyle. It alone isn't going to make anyone beautiful, thin or built but it is a testament to your inner beauty! Please take 12 minutes to watch www.meatvideo.com so you may understand what going vegan means for the animals. Veganism is hands down, the absolute best thing you can do for the animals if you want the cruelty to end.

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All animals—human and nonhuman—deserve to be recognized as living, sentient beings, and treated with dignity and respect. Sadly, many are considered to be of lesser worth, less intelligent, less important, less deserving. As a result, they are marginalized by society, ignored, mocked, exploited, caged, or killed. Disregarding the inherent right an animal has to live a life free from cruelty and exploitation not only harms that animal, it harms us all.

The vG project started out a photography based endeavor as a tool for vegan outreach, but has turned into a multimedia project, online community and prospective web series.

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Created by Melissa Schwartz and Donovan Jenkins. Wanna check us out?


Or read about me in the words of my friend Jessica Schlueter: http://loveinfinitely.org/2011/10/28/girl-who-is-changing-the-world-meli... this still makes me blush when I read it!